Hi, I'm Masha

Originally from Moscow, Russia, I finished high school in a small community of Santa Ana in Costa Rica. There, I made friends from all over the world and grew as a person and an artist.
Today, after 5 years in the Netherlands, I call Rotterdam my home. I graduated from the Illustration program at Willem de Kooning Academy in summer of 2022 and obtained my Bachelor of Art and Design as well as an Honours Diploma.

Illustration means so much to me. It is a practice that I have developed early on which to this day allows me to make sense of both myself and the world around me. Drawing is something that comes naturally to me and calms me down. I try to make time to draw every day, just for myself, without any objective. In my illustrations I like to explore people and the awkwardness of everyday life. I make zines, tattoo my drawings on people and share silly sketches. I try to tell stories that people can resonate with, I want to make them feel seen and understood.

I enjoy learning new things and exploring different mediums. During my study I have worked together with film students taking on a role of an art director and vibe setter, if you will. This resulted in me working as a production designer and creating visual storytelling for various short films and music videos. 
Having finished music school, I still feel a very strong connection to sound. I started writing my own music a few years back and I love to build soundscapes harmonising my vocals and various whispering keys. 

Beyond the art, I have two cats. I like lemon cookies, pine forests and snow. I am a sweet and silly person who likes to make people feel warm and cosy. I hope to inspire people to not take themselves too seriously and to take care of one another.
I love to take care of my space and build things. This September me and my partner set up our first ever studio space, so that we can work comfortably and invite people into our world. I am happy to welcome people for tattoo appointments or for a cosy studio visit with some tea!

I hope to see you soon!

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