Maria Zotova
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
AUG 2016 - MAY 2018
International Baccalaureate, United World College, San Jose, Costa Rica
AUG 2018 - JUNE 2022
Bachelor of Arts and Design with Honours, Course of illustration at Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
FEB 2021 - MAY 2021
Trainee at Production Designer Rosie Stapel, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
JUN 2021 - OCT 2021
Art Department, Head of Graphics at Rosie Stapel, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
JUN 2022 - FEB 2023
Barista at CoffeeCompany, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
SEP 2022 - OCT 2023
Installation build up/down for the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR)

JAN 2023 - NOW
Part-time warehouse employee at Iuppiter B.V.

MAR 2023 - NOW
Freelance Illustrator at MARURAMA
MAR 2023 - NOW
Avatar creator for Reddit
IABR, Tramhaus, Reddit
SEP 2022
Cross Comix Festival, Rotterdam
OCT 2022
Zine Camp Festival, Rotterdam
English, Russian (fluent)
Dutch, Spanish (basic)
*maar mijn Nederlands is wel een beetje beter dan mijn Spaans*
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